The Villas at Bethany Manor - Cherokee County, GA
This bank owned opportunity is for six developed lots located within The Villas at Bethany Manor in Cherokee County, Georgia. The community is located on the southwest corner of Canton Ball Ground Highway and Lower Bethany Road.
  • Location: Southwest corner of Canton Ball Ground Highway and Lower Bethany Road
  • Lot Size: Typical lot is 40' in width. All lots are cleared and padded.
  • Utilities: All utilities are available to the lots. Subject to independent verification.
  • Zoning: RZL
  • Schools: Hasty Elementary School, Teasley Middle School and Cherokee High School
  • Price: $90,000.00
Town Park - 68 Lots - Social Circle, GA
This opportunity is for 65 developed single family lots in the "Town Park" subdivision located on the south side of Carver Drive, just west of N. Cherokee Road (Hwy 11) in the city of Social Circle, Walton County, GA, approximately 4 miles north of the Hwy 11 - I-20 interchange. Seller desires to sell lots to a builder in either a bulk or takedown format. Available lots are numbers 36, 37, 59, 64, 70, 71, 73-80, 90-96, 99, 100 & 111-155 on final plat.
  • Zoning: PUD - City of Social Circle - Walton County
  • Specs: 46 Total Pads Developed on 6.79 Acres
    Min. Lot Size (sq ft): 8,000*
    Min. Lot Width: 80'
    Front Setback: 10'
    Side Setback: 10'
    Rear Setback: 20'
    *Further information & plans can be found in our virtual data room upon request.
  • Utilities: All available to site. Subject to independent verification.
  • Schools: Social Circle Elementary, Social Circle Middle, & Social Circle High School.
  • Price: $780,000.00 ($12,000 per lot).
Twin Rivers, 154 Developed Lots - Newton County
This opportunity is for ±202.76 acres of land that contains 154 developed lots known as Phases III & IV of the 'Twin Rivers' subdivision located on the west side of GA Hwy 162 in Newton County, GA. The lots are a minimum of 25,500 sq ft in size and are all at least 100' wide. The lots are mostly gentle and many are conducive to slab construction. The lots are not recorded on a final plat. The subject phases have two entrances on Hwy 162.

There are over 60 acres of planned green space contained in the subject property, as well as a great deal of marketable timber.
  • Zoning: AR (Agricultural Residential) Conditional Newton County.
  • Specs:
    Minimum Home Size:
    1,800 sq ft for _ of all homes
    2,000 sq ft for _ of all homes
    Minimum Lot Width: 100'
    Minimum Lot Size: 25,500 sq ft
  • Utilities: All utilities available to site excluding sanitary sewer. Subject to independent verification.
  • Schools: Rocky Plains Elementary, Liberty Middle and Alcovy High School.
  • Price: $1,848,000.00 - ($12,000.00 per lot).
Vineyards at New Macland - Powder Springs, GA
  • 53 Lots.
  • All Recorded on final plat.
  • Lots are between 80'-100'.
  • According to seller, the amenity is not required to be built.
  • Property is zoned "MDR" Medium Density Residential in Powder Springs.
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