Developed Lot Opportunity – Highlands Plantation, Macon, GA

avalon  /   December 21, 2020

This is an opportunity to purchase developed lots in a well-established and amenitized subdivision known as Highlands Plantation, located in the city of Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. The remaining lots in the neighborhood consists of 122 detached lots with a typical lot width of 45′ – 60′, and 76 21′ wide townhome lots. The large majority of these are slabs, with only a handful of basements.

While the lots are recorded and ready to go, allowing a homebuilder to immediately begin building and selling, the owner is open to a scenario in which a buyer converts the townhome lots in the northwest quadrant of the property to single family, which would leave roughly 6 townhome lots.

There is very little entry level product being delivered in Macon-Bibb County and we are not aware of another subdivision close to this size with comparable amenities offering homes for below $200,000. This subdivision features an attractive entrance, healthy HOA, and an impressive amenity that would most likely not be replicated again today. The owner controls the HOA and is the declarant with the authority to approve all plans, allowing a great deal of flexibility in what can be built. The existing product is in very good condition and very few units are actively being marketed for sale.

  • Price: The seller is open to bulk offers, but is asking $25,000 per developed lot in a takedown scenario.

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